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Quit Sugar
Do you want to kick the sugar habit and regain your energy? It might be easier than you think.


Quit Smoking
Are you ready for a solution that helps you quit smoking without lengthy withdrawal symptoms?


Stop Drinking
Are you looking for options to
stop drinking without lengthy downtime at work or a hospital stay?


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Do you want to live free from
unwanted habits and repetitive thoughts and actions?

Overcome addiction.. without lengthy therapy and painful withdrawal symptoms

Success Stories and Testimonials

Life without sugar - it works!

Since the Weiss Method treatment, I have more energy, feel brighter and can quickly and easily make decisions. I feel like new again! Life without sugar works great for me, and I now shop for and try new sugar-free foods.  I feel so fortunate that my friend persuaded me to try the Weiss Method treatment. 

Patrizia D.

Break free of drinking...

Coming out of college I had acquired the bad habit of drinking. Once my drinking problem got to the point where it threatened my job and longest relationships I knew I needed to quit. After trying to quit on my own, with no success, I called the Weiss Method determined to kick drinking once and for all. With the help of the Weiss Method, I was finally able to break free of drinking and I have not looked back.

Jeremy, VT

How I lost 40 lbs!

In 2004, I quit smoking!  One session is all it took for me to be completely done with cigarettes, no withdrawals or cravings to this day and actually it feels as if I never smoked at all.  In 2014 I went back for a sugar/carb treatment.  After one session I was off sugar and had no withdrawal symptoms at all.  I lost 40 lbs just by cutting sugar out of my diet.

Colette, Ridgefield, CT

How I quit my sugar addiction..

The Weiss Method helped me to kick my addiction to sugar.
I have had a sweet-tooth my entire life and finally felt ready to drop the sugar habit and embrace my full energy and wellness. The Weiss Method approach was completely aligned to my values - it heals from the inside-out and shifts any habits from the root (rather than dealing with just the symptoms). The process of healing was intense and incredible. After a lifetime of needing sugar, I am at a place where sugar has finally become a choice - there is no feeling more empowering than this!  I would absolutely recommend the treatment to anyone who is serious about making incredible strides in his or her life - mind, body, and spirit!

Valia G., Manhattan, New York

I quit smoking after 35 years!

After the Weiss Method treatment, I was finally able, after 35 years - to simply stop smoking. I can proudly say today, after five and a half months, that I have not touched any cigarettes and I will not go back.
Thanks for the help!


Heinz P., 53, Munich

I lost all my desire for sugar...

I went for the treatment because I had a serious life long sugar addiction and was eating way too many sweets in the course of a day.  After the first session, I felt like I was going crazy and noticed sugar everywhere I went, but then after the second session, I lost all my desire for sugar.  Now after 2 years, I can say that I have cut my sugar consumption by about 90% and I am really grateful for freeing me of my daily cookie and mocha habit.  I feel so much healthier and more in control of my cravings.  Over the years, I have sent other people, some for sugar and others for pot and alcohol addictions and they have all benefited greatly from this work. I can't say exactly what it does or why it works as it is a subtle energy work, but I can emphatically say that it worked for me and has alleviated a life long sugar addiction!


Tatiana M., Queens

Great help from the Weiss Method!

For as long as I can remember, I was biting my fingernails. I tried to stop, with all kinds of support before but to no avail. I hoped that the new Weiss Method treatment might help. After a short introductory conversation, the treatment itself lasted about 20 minutes. To this day I can't believe there is such an easy way to overcome it but the results speak for themselves! 


Sandra J., Austria

Treatment FAQs

Treatment FAQsOne treatment session is often enough to overcome smoking or sugar addiction for life. The way it works is simple and natural.


Easy to Start

Easy to StartSmall or big habit.. only matters if you are ready to quit.  Our Certified Weiss Method Practitioners are only an email or phone call away...

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Cessation SupportYour success is our success! We provide information and follow up support to our clients following the treatments if needed.


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