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Why things get out of control and is willpower enough?

How do things can get out of control?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: "When will we talk about addiction and dependency?"

There are several different ways in which dependencies can arise. The word "addiction" in English actually describes the phenomena very well. It's like 'adding diction' or adding a new message that once printed is difficult to rewrite, especially if the message has been strengthened through repetition over time.

Habits form and take hold very fast, especially when the habit also acts as a stimulant.  Most of us can recognize the example of learning to drive. At first we consider everything slowly, like which foot to use to operate the brake pedal, but at some point  we "get it" and then all happens automatically without the need for our conscious decision making. In case of addiction, a similar process activates, the important difference being that addictive habits have associated cravings and detrimental side effects that are harmful to the body, mind and soul. Newly learned habits or constantly repeated behaviours are saved or remembered by our incredibly well-organized systems, right down to the cellular level. When certain situations, thoughts or feelings  arise they can trigger that semi-conscious automatic reaction pattern.

When the stimulating effect of an addiction wears off, we find ourselves at a low ebb, mentally, emotionally or physically and the urge to feel good again arises, even unconsciously. Being at a low ebb is probably what started us down this road in the first instance, and then continues to send us further on a progressive downward spiral.

The Weiss Method: Sugar Free Treatments

Many people have persistent sweet cravings but once we give in, it's usually hard to stop and reverse the pattern. These cravings have different causes. Some may be due to the attempts by the body to make it known to us that some vital nutrients are missing (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) or that the body is not entirely in a healthy balance.

Weiss Method treatments not only help you to successfully quit sugar but also provide guidance and support to help you stay on track after your treatment. The ability to identify where refined sugars appear in our diet and their effect on our health can be very useful in helping to regain a happy, balanced and nourishing diet.

Our method provides a solution.. without negative side effects or the risks of a yo-yo diet effect.  Read more..

The Weiss Method: Smoking Free Treatments

Over the years, the Weiss Method has treated many heavy smokers and managed to successfully liberate them from nicotine addiction. Our high success rate is reflected in the many thank you letters that reach our office on a monthly basis. The Weiss Method when compared to other known cessation methods has an above average success rate 1 year post treatment.

Give it a chance and enjoy life without cigarettes.  Read more..

The Weiss Method: Alcohol Free Treatments

Alcohol (ethanol) arises naturally from a fermentation of sugar-containing fruits. Fermentation is the process where yeast breaks sugar down into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Yeast are small fungi that contain enzymes which are responsible for this reaction. Fermented beverages can then be distilled to further increase the alcohol content.

The Weiss Method alcohol withdrawal treatment provides a series of up to 4 sessions within a specific and agreed time frame. Unwanted habits that formed over time in the electro-magnetic field of a person are interrupted and released, freeing the person from the addiction cycle.

Overcome alcohol addiction and live a healthier life going forward.  Read more..

The Weiss Method for Other Constraining Habits

Weiss Method treatments helped thousands of people to free themselves from unwanted habits and addictions, pain free and without medications. The Weiss Method is an innovative approach that has been successfully applied to tackle a range of unwanted constraints including overeating, nail biting, hair pulling and more.

Overcome unwanted habits and live free from constraining behaviours.  Read more..

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