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How unwanted habits form

Everything we think, feel and do is stored in the electro-magnetic energy field surrounding our body where it sits as a micro signal awaiting activation. Within this field are the memory printings and pathways that we create over time through our habits. Excessive alcohol consumption can be seen as a symptom of something in our lives that is out of balance and the cause often comes from somewhere else.

As an example, when a fuel lamp switches on in the car, you do not change the fuel lamp (symptom), but rather fill in the fuel (cause) to address the issue. Same reasoning applies in the case of addictions - they must be addressed at the roots, not merely as symptoms.

The Weiss Method works to restore a person's electro-magnetic balance and to neutralise the electro-magnetic pathways that the craving impulses use. When balance is restored and the habit pathway neutralised, the alcohol cravings quickly disappear.

Change your alcohol habits with the Weiss Method

The Weiss Method of alcohol withdrawal is a unique technique that addresses the roots of an underlying imbalance. It unlocks and resets the magnetic patterns in the electro-magnetic field of a person. The result being that not only does the desire for alcohol disappear but so too the imbalances that may cause us to want to drink. Through the treatment it is possible to neutralise the unwanted habits so they can be replaced with new beneficial ones.

Thus you win enhanced quality of life and freedom that lets you decide how you want to live your life and where you want to put your energies.

Amir Weiss and Weiss Method Practitioners have helped thousands of people to free themselves from unwanted addictions, pain free and without medications. The Weiss Method treatment applies natural bio-energy to counteract the effects of alcohol addiction - no drugs just pure natural energy.  The treatments are highly effective and help most people who experience them.

The Weiss Method alcohol withdrawal treatment specifically focuses on interrupting the addiction cycles. It consists of an initial introductory meeting and a treatment, followed by a series of up to 3 shorter sessions. For most, the desire to drink alcohol stops after the first session.

It’s simple and it works

Is it time to make a much needed change? Want to quit alcohol without medications and prolonged withdrawal symptoms? Then try our innovative and highly effective approach!

Even if you already had several failed attempts… try again. To get you started, we offer a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.

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The philosophy of the Weiss Method is to always find the best possible solution for our clients with honesty, integrity and respect.

Treatment FAQs

Treatment FAQsOne treatment session is often enough to overcome smoking or sugar addiction for life. The way it works is simple and natural.


Easy to Start

Easy to StartSmall or big habit.. only matters if you are ready to quit.  Our Certified Weiss Method Practitioners are only an email or phone call away...

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Cessation SupportYour success is our success! We provide information and follow up support to our clients following the treatments if needed.


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