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Sugar epidemic?

When we think of eating something sweet it’s often a favourite chocolate bar, sweets or a cake that might come to mind, but sugars are also found hidden in a majority of processed foods these days, and it begins with breakfast! A look at the ingredients list of the most popular breakfast cereal brands can be a shock. Anyone who wants to keep track of the different names for sugar, should actually become a hobby chemist, because the word ‘sugar’ is often not even on the list of ingredients. Other ingredients which are referred to as "hidden sugars" include skimmed milk, whey powder, fructose, glucose, glucose syrup, dextrose, lactose, sucrose, maltose, sweetened condensed milk, caramel syrup, honey, fruit sweeteners, fruit juice concentrate , beet sugar and other sugars hiding under the umbrella term carbohydrates.

Weiss Method practitioners can help to free you from your unwanted sugar addiction as well as provide helpful information to keep you on track after your treatment. We want you to be able to enjoy your food and your life, because a balanced diet is a strong foundation for a long term happy and healthy life.

How the treatment works

Many workings within our body are electro-magnetic and can be measured. For example the electro-magnetism in the heart can be measured through an electrocardiogram and in the brain through an electroencephalograph.

Our muscles work via electro-magnetic signals, so too our senses which convert tactile registrations into electrical signals. Our memory, thinking, feelings and emotions all use electrical signals and electrical pathways. All this electrical activity produces a magnetic field around our bodies but what is not commonly known is that much of what surrounds us in this magnetic field is part of the workings of our electromagnetic life and not just the result of it.

Everything we think, feel and do is stored in the electro-magnetic field surrounding our body where it sits as a micro signal awaiting activation. Within this energy field we carry the memory printings and pathways that we've created through our habits and it’s here that the Weiss Method treatment comes into effect.

Sugar addiction is often a symptom of something in our lives that is out of balance and the Weiss Method works to both restore the electro-magnetic balance as well as neutralising the electromagnetic pathway that the craving impulses use. When balance is restored and the habit pathway neutralised, the sugar craving symptoms disappear.

With the Weiss Method it is possible to arrest the uncontrolled habits and replace them with new beneficial ones, thereby making a fresh start.

Even long term habits can be treated quickly and simply.

It’s easy to start!

If you want to get out of the sugar trap, leave cravings behind and happily eat a well balanced diet then come along and experience our innovative and highly successful method. We offer a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.

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The philosophy of the Weiss Method is to always find the best possible solution for our clients with honesty, integrity and respect.

Treatment FAQs

Treatment FAQsOne treatment session is often enough to overcome smoking or sugar addiction for life. The way it works is simple and natural.


Easy to Start

Easy to StartSmall or big habit.. only matters if you are ready to quit.  Our Certified Weiss Method Practitioners are only an email or phone call away...

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Cessation SupportYour success is our success! We provide information and follow up support to our clients following the treatments if needed.


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