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Causes of compulsive behaviour and how to stop it

Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or 2.3% of adults annually according to National Institute for Mental Health. Nineteen million in total, experience various anxiety disorders that are chronic, relentless and can grow progressively worse if not treated.

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder suffer from recurring unwanted thoughts which they feel they can't control. Rituals such as counting, hand washing or cleaning are often done in the hope of stopping these obsessive thoughts. This usually only provides some temporary relief where not doing these tasks generally increases the anxiety. If left untreated these obsessions can take over a person's life.  Not only can the quality of life decrease but compulsive symptoms can lead to significant problems in professional and social life.

A distinction between obsessive thoughts and actions is important. Often both symptoms are present and almost every person affected has their own unique combination of symptoms.

Weiss Method approach

The Weiss Method does not focus on individual symptoms, but rather takes an holistic approach. It begins with a short information session with easy to follow practical suggestions on how a person can integrate new patterns into their routine.

Following the information session, an individual Weiss Method treatment takes about 30 minutes. The treatment is completely natural with no drugs, chemicals, needles or hypnosis and is based purely on natural bio-energy. In most cases, a single treatment is sufficient. Participants usually leave the treatment room either with a  feeling of indifference or an aversion to their old habits and behaviours.

Everyday life can often be a nightmare for extreme nail biters. Many simple activities for which we naturally use our fingernails are almost impossible or painful to do and the results of extreme nail biting can also be unsightly. Feelings of self-consciousness coupled with the discomfort of biting nails in front of others causes more stress and subsequently more nail biting ensues.

Help with nail biting

Generally, the trigger for nail biting is stress and nervousness.

Some people only occasionally bite their nails while others bite them so regularly that they wound themselves. The damaged areas are then susceptible to infection and further health issues. As nail biting is very often done semi-consciously and the person concerned might only notice what they have done when their fingers are in pain due to inflammation.

Experts describe nail biting as a stress-relieving behavioural habit. Helplessness in certain situations or even stress and anxiety can be triggers to move your finger to mouth and chew the nails. In this instance nail biting can be seen as a kind of nervous sedative.

Weiss Method treatment helps to stop nail biting

In a series of 3 treatments, at intervals of two to four weeks, the habit cycle is calmed down and neutralised. The natural regenerative powers of the client are activated and strengthened. When natural balances are restored the nail biting stops.

Treatments use natural bio-energy without the need for hypnosis, needles, or conventional medical applications. The majority of our clients describe it to be a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

It’s simple and it works

Are you looking for a solution to free yourself from compulsive nail biting? Do you want to free yourself from constraining habits, repetitive thoughts and actions? If so, then try our innovative and highly successful method.

Even if you already had several failed attempts to stop… try again! Past failure is only an opportunity to try something new.

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The philosophy of the Weiss Method is to always find the best possible solution for our clients - with honesty, integrity and respect.

Treatment FAQs

Treatment FAQsOne treatment session is often enough to overcome smoking or sugar addiction for life. The way it works is simple and natural.


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