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Freedom from Unwanted Habits 

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We all say we want the freedom to choose. But freedom of choice is easier said than done. If it were simple, everyone would be already living the life they always dreamed of. But for most that isn't the case. Why? And is there a remedy?

Our desires over time translate into actions which then train our automatic systems by repetition... like walking or driving a car. This means we then don't have to think about what we've trained our systems to do which allows us to focus on other things. Imagine if we had to consciously focus on every aspect of our lives, such as walking or driving a car! We'd hardly be able to do anything else – let alone have the freedom to dream, have ideas, new thoughts… How truly amazing our human design is!

While this is wonderful, it can also be a trap as our automatic systems can be easily programed by past repeated behaviours with things or habits we no longer want to continue, such as smoking, drinking or poor eating habits. From here something more powerful has to be done, and this is when good reasoning followed by DECISIONS and new actions are needed to re-program the system.  It's no coincidence that DECISION anagrams to IS IN CODE. When you make a decision, if it is strong enough and backed by your reasoning, it acts like a code that your whole system reads and powers your actions to more easily create new patterns.

If you are choosing to find freedom from habitual patterns you no longer need or want, the Weiss Method can give you the boost you need. It can assist you in calming down the stimulus that sets the addictive patterns in motion. 

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Freedom from unwanted habits

What does it really mean to be free and fresh at the point?

Where does freedom come from? How do we lose it?

It's a funny thing that in many cases we start off using sugar and sweets, alcohol, nicotine or other drugs as a way to feel better, rewarded, connected to others or validate our feelings; only later to find ourselves controlled by these substances and disconnected from others and/or our feelings.

So, how does it work; how can a person stay free?
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