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Freedom from unwanted habits

What does it really mean to be free and fresh at the point?

Where does freedom come from? How do we lose it?

It's a funny thing that in many cases we start off using sugar and sweets, alcohol, nicotine or other drugs as a way to feel better, rewarded, connected to others or validate our feelings; only later to find ourselves controlled by these substances and disconnected from others and/or our feelings.

So, how does it work; how can a person stay free?

It seems so much in life is 'already figured out' – whether declared by science, religion, educators, politicians, peers and general opinion – and somehow we grow up thinking that we, too, are supposed to 'have it all figured out'.  All too soon, the stress of still trying to 'figure it ALL out' can cause feelings of being trapped inside our own mental prisons.

The realization that this is actually an impossibility can be a great liberation in itself!  In reality every person is unique and inevitably must discover their own way. Then knowing this we can choose to go on into the unknown, learning bit by bit, exploring life with a great satisfaction that we can never know it all. The Weiss Method helps people to find a fresh start, providing them with their own unique 'keys' to become free again!

"Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it."

Quit That Sugar Craving - from Sein magazine, 2014
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