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Gluten Free Fish Cakes

Nutritious, gluten free and sugar free!

Preparation time 40 minutes
Cooking time 20 minutes

Makes 8 Cakes

What's needed:

  • 900g potatoes
  • 230g white fish
  • 170g peas
  • 3 teaspoons parsley
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 spoons of happiness​!

What to do …

Peel the potatoes and cook until they are soft; allow them to cool.

Mash them with a little butter until they become light and creamy.

At the same time cook the white fish and once it's ready and slightly cooled break it into flakes and add it to the potatoes.

Cook the peas and add them to the potatoes along with the parsley and 2 eggs.

Mix the ingredients together thoroughly and add a little salt and pepper.

Take a handful of mixture and work it between your hands to form a round shape, do this with all of the mixture.

Fry the cakes in a pan until they are gently browned on each side.

Then enjoy!

The Weiss Method team hopes that you enjoy this healthy, sugar-free meal.

Bon Appetit!

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