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Weiss Method:  Frequently Asked Questions

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Is any preparation needed before the treatment session?

Before your individual treatment session, your Weiss Method Practitioner will sit with you either individually or in a small group (3 to 5 persons) and present detailed information about the Weiss Method treatment and the steps involved. You will also be provided with simple and practical guidance to facilitate your transition to an addiction free life after the treatment.

What can I expect during the treatment and how long is the treatment?

Please reserve approximately 2 hours for the full duration of your appointment. During the pre-treatment discussion your Weiss Method Practitioner will explain all steps taken during the treatment and what you can expect afterwards. If you still have questions these can be answered before your treatment begins.   Also, it is best to allow yourself a few hours of rest immediately after the appointment and to not plan any intensive or stressful activities following it.

How am I going to feel after the treatment?

The Weiss Method treatments are purely natural, painless, without hypnosis, without needles, or any medications.  A vast majority of clients find the treatment to be a very pleasant and relaxing experience. Depending on the type of addiction, one to four treatment sessions are required. We offer a refreshment guarantee for the period of up to one year, which means that you can arrange up to two additional free treatments should this be necessary; or you can take advantage of an additional free information session over the phone if needed.

Are there any side effects from the treatment itself?

There can be some side effects from stopping the addiction itself, but comparatively far less after this treatment than what people usually experience when they try to stop on their own.  But again, if you are not sure or have questions then please call us, and we will help you as much as we can, we are here to help and assist your successful addiction cessation.

If you would like to find out more do get in touch with us directly and we will gladly discuss any questions you might have.

Contact us for a free consultation or further information relating to your particular needs.

Treatment FAQs

Treatment FAQsOne treatment session is often enough to overcome smoking or sugar addiction for life. The way it works is simple and natural.


Easy to Start

Easy to StartSmall or big habit.. only matters if you are ready to quit.  Our Certified Weiss Method Practitioners are only an email or phone call away...

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Cessation SupportYour success is our success! We provide information and follow up support to our clients following the treatments if needed.


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