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Specializing in Addiction Cessation for Over 25 Years

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We are a leading provider of natural and drug-free treatments to combat addictions and unwanted habits with over 25 years of experience and thousands of satisfied participants. Addictions treated range from nicotine, alcohol, and sugar to compulsive habits.

The Weiss Method was developed by Amir Weiss in Israel and works through client's energy field. During treatments, various patterns behind the addiction are deliberately interrupted to release unwanted habits and addiction cycles in order to restore the balance in the human energy field.

Each of our Certified Weiss Method Practitioners has been personally trained by Amir Weiss, the founder and chief therapist of the Weiss Method. You can now reach our Certified Weiss Method Practitioners in various locations around the world: in Germany, Austria,  Switzerland, England, Ireland, Israel, USA, Canada and Australia.

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