Do you want to stop smoking?

There are many factors that may prevent a person from quitting smoking, even in spite of the growing evidence of the harmful effects of long-term nicotine exposure. Smokers are increasingly marginalised and many seek new solutions to quit without lengthy therapies and negative withdrawal symptoms… but it's not that simple for everyone and there are many reasons why.

Every smoker remembers that the first cigarette tasted terrible. Yet somehow we push through the discomfort because smoking seems to offer us a solution. Stress and anxiety, a desire to fit in, wanting to relax or concentrate better are among just some of the reasons. And while we can see that smoking is generally a symptom of something else that needs rebalancing, it all too quickly becomes a pattern in itself.

Over time nicotine dependency and lifestyle patterns combine with associated feelings and thought patterns to form a complex and vicious cycle.  For example, the everyday ritual of ‘morning coffee with a cigarette’ to start the day or the association of ‘stepping out of the office for a cigarette’ can create powerful and ingrained associations that become increasingly hard to break.

If we get anxious, stressed or emotional, the desire to smoke increases.  Try to give up smoking and feelings of anxiety, heightened stress levels and unwanted emotions all increase, it's a "catch 22" situation.

Stop smoking with the Weiss Method

The Weiss Method is a unique and innovative treatment which goes to the root of the underlying imbalance by unlocking and resetting the magnetic patterns in the electro-magnetic field of a person.  The treatment utilises natural bio-energy; to neutralise unwanted habits so they can be replaced by new beneficial ones and restore balance throughout the whole system so that both the desire to smoke as well as underlying imbalances are addressed.

Most people find that one treatment is sufficient to free them from their unwanted addiction for good and in this way Weiss Method Practitioners have successfully helped thousands of people to stop smoking.  The treatment is quick, effective and pain free; no drugs, needles or hypnosis just pure natural bio-energy.

Individual treatment sessions

During the treatment session, the client sits comfortably on a chair and experiences a pleasant and relaxing bio-energy treatment. There is no mechanical interference, no medications, no needles or hypnosis; the Weiss Method works purely with natural bio-energy. The whole treatment session, including the preparatory conversation, takes approximately one hour.  After the treatment, most people feel very relaxed with a sense of indifference or even a feeling of repulsion to the substance to which they were previously addicted.

Long term benefits

Most smokers know the negative long-term effects of smoking - and yet many ‘fight’ the decision to quit permanently.

Here is a chance to take a moment to re-assess the benefits of quitting and to imagine your new addiction free life:

  • Stop smoking and reduce the risk of cancer
  • Stop smoking and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases
  • Non-smokers are physically fitter, stronger and get sick less often
  • Non-smokers have a better sense of smell and taste
  • Non-smokers are more fertile
  • Non-smoking saves money

It’s simple and it works!

If you want to quit smoking without medications and prolonged withdrawal symptoms, sign up to experience our innovative and highly successful method. To get you started, we offer a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.

Even if you already had several failed attempts to stop smoking… try again! Past failure is only an opportunity to start something new.

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The philosophy of the Weiss Method is to always find the best possible solution for our clients with honesty, integrity and respect.

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