More energy and feel like new again!

Since the Weiss Method treatment, I have more energy, feel fresher and can quickly and easily make decisions. I feel like new again! Life without sugar works great for me, and I am now looking for sugar-free foods.  I feel so fortunate that my friend persuaded me to try the Weiss Method treatment.  
- Patrizia D.

After 35 year of smoking..

After the Weiss Method treatment, I was finally able, after 35 years - to simply stop smoking. I can proudly say today, after five and a half months, that I have not touched any cigarettes and will not go back there. Thanks for the help!
- Heinz P., 53, Munich

I quit smoking..

But I don't know how. When I left the room after the treatment, I thought: " it happened to you again.. you put your money in the sand". But quite surprisingly, I still don't smoke. It's 7 months later, and I have no need for cigarettes. My friends ask me how it happened and I can not explain it, but it worked and I feel great!
- Heinz L.

Great help from the Weiss Method!

As long as I live, I was biting fingernails. With all kinds of support I tried to stop, but unfortunately to no avail. I hoped that that the new aura-cleansing treatment might help. After a short conversation, the Weiss Method treatment lasted about 20 minutes. To this day I can't believe there is such an easy way to overcome it but the result speaks for itself!

- Sandra J., Austria

I was skeptical at first..

I had already tried all sorts of diets and drops, etc. and was not getting away from my chocolate addiction.  Then I thought, "what the heck", and made an appointment. Mr. Weiss has thoroughly entertained me with many tips and information given on how to proceed. He has a very pleasant, modest, quiet and warm manner. In short, the treatment was almost imperceptible in which I sat in a comfortable chair, closed my eyes and was thinking of a pleasant place. It is hard to believe, but since then I have not eaten a piece of chocolate and hope it stays like that. It is reassuring to know that for 1 year a refresher treatment is available should it be necessary. Thanks for the great help that has freed me from my addiction. I wish you many patients to come.   - S.L. from Munich

Wonderful experience

Dear Oliver, I would once again like to thank you. The treatment was a wonderful experience. Thanks to your sense of humor in the introduction, I had all my fears and prejudices quickly forgotten. In a single treatment, I felt very comfortable and felt safe and I could just BE, be as I am. Thank you also for your words. You gave me strength and confidence. I'm just grateful that I was able to experience that. It's was great to meet you. I wish you all the very best and good luck with what you're doing. Kind Regards - Nadja S., Zurich


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