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Over 25 Years of Service and Thousands of Satisfied Clients

Below you’ll find our client's testimonials. The reason our clients find our approach effective is because it WORKS!  If you would like to share your experiences, please e-mail us. We honor your wishes if you want to remain anonymous.

More energy and feel like new again!

Since the Weiss Method sugar-free treatment, I have more energy, feel lighter and make decisions more easily. I feel like new again! Life without sugar works great for me, and I am now looking for sugar-free foods. I feel so fortunate that my friend persuaded me to try the Weiss Method treatment.

- Patrizia D.

I feel no desire for sweets of any kind!

For me, it's still unbelievable that I feel no desire for sweets of any kind since the treatment for sugar addiction in August 2014!  The evening 'treats' as rewards for my stressful work days are gone and all without any withdrawal symptoms or special effort on my part. My colleagues now pass me by saying, "You won't eat it anyway". Sometimes when I pass the candy shelves in the supermarket a thought drifts in "I have eaten those in the past - but today it does not interest me anymore". I feel incredibly relieved and am very grateful for the Weiss Method treatment, without which I would still be consuming vast quantities of sugar! Today I feel much clearer and also grounded. I still do not know how it works, but apparently there are more things in heaven and earth then our minds can grasp.

- Janina P., Berlin, February 2015

Out of the sugar trap and 12 pounds lighter!

After a conversation in which Amir Weiss explained what exactly is the problem with stress eating and that consumption of sugar makes things worse, it was down to business. The treatment was completely imperceptible: no pain, fully conscious and without any drugs or the like. Sitting on a chair with my eyes closed, Amir Weiss went around, touched various energy points and flicked gently off with his fingers. Although I was skeptical because of the unusual method of treatment, I'm completely convinced now simply because of the result. Since the treatment I feel great, my body feels much better without the constant supply of sugar - everything is back on track, so to speak, I am also now twelve pounds lighter, without going hungry for a day or giving up anything.

- Stefanie M.

After 35 year of smoking..

After the Weiss Method treatment, I was finally able, after 35 years - to simply stop smoking. I can proudly say today, after five and a half months, that I have not touched any cigarettes and will not go back there. Thanks for the help!

- Heinz P., 53, Munich

I quit smoking..

But I don't know how. When I left the room after the treatment, I thought: " it happened to you again.. you put your money in the sand". But quite surprisingly, I still don't smoke. It's 7 months later, and I have no need for cigarettes. My friends ask me how it happened and I can not explain it, but it worked and I feel great!

- Heinz L.

I was skeptical at first..

I had already tried all sorts of diets etc. and was not getting away from my chocolate addiction.  Then I thought, "what the heck", and made an appointment. Mr. Weiss thoroughly looked after me with many tips and information given on how to proceed. He has a very pleasant, modest, quiet and warm manner. In short, the treatment was almost imperceptible in which I sat in a comfortable chair, closed my eyes and was thinking of a pleasant place. It is hard to believe, but since then I have not eaten a piece of chocolate and hope it stays like that. It is reassuring to know that for 1 year a refresher treatment is available should it be necessary. Thanks for the great help that has freed me from my addiction. I wish you many patients to come.

- S.L. from Munich

Stopped smoking and still slim..

I am now 30 years old and smoked for about 10 years. I tried many times to stop smoking, but unfortunately without success. Today I can proudly call myself a non-smoker thanks to Weiss Method therapy. I was so excited about this method that I've flown for my appointment to Tel Aviv. Today I am happy that I did it. Since the treatment I have not smoked a single cigarette and felt no desire to smoke any more. I had a fear that I might eat more, but this fear was not confirmed, and I am now just as slim as ever. My life has changed in a very positive way. I hope that many smokers discover this effective therapy to also get rid of this terrible vice in such an easy way.

- Ruslana T.,  Bulgaria

Yes, I stopped smoking ..

10 August 1997: my visit to Amir Weiss. One of the best days of my life, because for 9 years since then, I have not smoked and that makes me happy (and my partner!). Easter 2006: Amir is, thank God, in Germany and so I paid for my sister's treatment. She is confident because she feels like me, no addiction attacks with teeth clenching as in previous attempts, only once in a while for a tenth of a second, a sense of a fleeting desire - then it goes away immediately and there is no problem. That's what's so special about the smoking cessation by Amir Weiss. August 10, 2006: bought a sinfully expensive bikini - like every year when I give myself a gift - for my perseverance and because I saved so much money again this year - thanks to the smoking cessation!!! This year, I got an even bigger gift:  my sister stopped smoking. Thanks, Amir!!!

- Irma D., Mainz

Heavy smoker for 40 years..

I have tried all kinds of things (tablets, patches, courses), but nothing helped me. One day I read an article about Mr. Weiss and decided spontaneously to sign up. After 2 hours I was a non-smoker! It was a very pleasant and relaxing treatment. I recommend it to all who want to finally put an end to smoke and stench. Thank you, Mr. Weiss, and good luck with your method!

- O. G., Dornbirn

Wonderful experience

The treatment was a wonderful experience. Thanks for your sense of humor in the introduction, all my fears and prejudices quickly disappeared. In a single treatment, I felt very comfortable and felt safe and I could just BE, be as I am. Thank you also for your kind words. You gave me strength and confidence. I'm just grateful that I was able to experience that. I wish you all the very best and good luck with what you're doing. Kind regards,

- Nadja S., Zurich

Still cannot believe it..

Since my treatment, I am very happy because I had no problems at all to stop smoking. I still can't believe that I have become a non-smoker in such a simple way. My life has changed a lot and I want to thank you from my heart. Since everyone was so amazed that I had such an easy time quitting smoking, we would like a free consultation so that we can reduce our weight as well.  Thanks again for everything, I am so grateful I can hardly put it into words. Yours sincerely,

- Andrea W.

Great help from the Weiss Method!

For as long as I can remember, I was biting my fingernails. With all kinds of support I tried to stop, but unfortunately to no avail. I hoped that the new Weiss Method treatment might help. After a short conversation, the treatment lasted about 20 minutes. To this day I can't believe there is such an easy way to overcome it but the results speak for themselves!

- Sandra J., Austria

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