Amir Weiss, founder and chief therapist at the Weiss Method Worldwide

Amir Weiss is the founder of the Weiss Method Worldwide and Weiss Institute, which currently operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Israel, Canada, the US and Australia.

In 1980, Amir Weiss traveled to South America where he researched ancient cultures and lived with an isolated tribe deep in the Ecuadorian jungle. There he met unique spiritual healers and had his first experiences with natural healing methods, energy fields and electro-magnetic processes in the human body. His travels and research led him on to Europe and Alaska.

In 1983, he began studies at Jerusalem University with majors in crystallography, biology and philosophy at the Faculty of Geo-sciences. Unable to find satisfying answers to his burning questions, he continued his research on his own and studied the healing powers of crystals and the effects of environment and ecosystems on the human energy field. This holistic approach has led him to an extensive study, training and practical experience in the healing arts, the crystals and aura therapy, the energetic and bio-medical electrical equipment as well as ecological and functional medicine.

In 1985, Amir Weiss joined together with his friends and colleagues with whom he improved his practical work and experience in various bio-energy healing methods. It was while residing in Israel in 1986 and practising bio-energy healing methods, that Amir developed the "Weiss Method", a new and innovative approach to combat unwanted addictions. This non-invasive bio-energy treatment utilises the natural healing powers of gem stones and works through the human energy field.

In 1995, he became a founding member of the International Well Being Sciences® Organization and later he founded, together with Robyn Leverett, the College of Well being Sciences.

Since 2008, Amir Weiss has been residing in southern Germany, where he established, together with his wife, Robyn Leverett, the headquarters of Well Being Sciences ® Organization and the German Weiss Institute.

Over the past seven years, he helped over 10,000 people. In addition, he personally trained a select few who now work in their respective countries as Certified Weiss Method Practitioners. Together with the Weiss Method Worldwide Team, thousands of patients have been successfully treated with the Weiss Method to overcome unwanted addictions or compulsive habits in England, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Israel.

As specific branches of science such as quantum physics, biophysics, Kirlian photography have now become common knowledge, this opens doors to a new future and new discoveries that have the potential to significantly improve the human condition.

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